Empower Love Now

"The best moments for me is teaching people the power of self-healing. It is so wonderful when I see someone having an “ah-ha!” moment ..."

Wanderlust WeeklyCongrats on the growth of Empower Love Now! What inspired its creation? Angela Oh: Thank you so much! Empower Love Now was such a small seed and watching it expand has brought me so much joy. It came about when I was meditating. It was four years ago when I was going through a major change and needed to improve the quality of my life. I only knew a little about meditation and I was hesitant with the practice. I started very small at first, 5 minutes at a time only once a week. But the more I practiced, the more my body and mind started to relax and tune in. One day when I was meditating, I heard a voice say to me “Love has the ultimate power to heal.” And BOOM, that changed everything. Hearing my Inner Wisdom say this so clearly was extremely impactful. I knew that it was part of my path to find out for myself how Love has the power to heal. This is how Empower Love Now was found. For me, Empower Love Now is all going through our deep journeys, healings and transformations. It can be magical and mystical when you allow it to be and go with the flow, just like a river flowing. It is a safe space where one can connect to their Inner Wisdom through the power of Reiki, Crystals, Angels, Colors, Essential Oils and Sounds. Anyone can come visit (in-person or distant) for a deep energy healing with a chakra re-calibration and Angel messages.

Wanderlust Weekly: You've built a strong community following in Los Angeles, what are some of your proudest moments? Angela Oh: The best moments for me is teaching people the power of self-healing. It is so wonderful when I see someone having an “ah-ha!” moment. Feeling them release unwanted energies and giving them tools on how to balance their lives with peace, happiness and Oneness is a gift to me. 

Wanderlust Weekly: The wellness field is constantly evolving, what upcoming news or developments can we look forward to? Angela Oh: Expanding to reach people on a global level with the power of videos, blogs, webinars and books is a goal for Empower Love Now. We are looking forward to sharing creative ways to meditate, heal and elevate! New ideas are brewing from our personal meditation practices and we’re very excited to see where this journey takes us.  [ learn more ]