Vue Smart Glasses

They unsuspectingly look like a nice, normal pair of glasses. And that’s the point. Vue Smart Glasses are far more discreet than other head-worn wearables like Google Glass and they do without the camera of Snap Spectacles. Still, they pack quite a few features including bone conduction speakers and a mic to quietly listen to music and make calls (or hear navigation directions and notifications), an accelerometer for activity tracking, a subtle LED that works as a notification warning, and a Find My Glasses feature to locate your errant specs. A small hidden touchpad on the right arm handles controls like skipping tracks or answering calls and the only indication that they’re concealing all this technology is perhaps their large-than-average temple tips. Available with prescription or tinted lenses in two styles, three colors, and one of five temple pieces that include carbon fiber, wood, and black.  [ learn more ]