Yosuda: Mindfulness-Based Yoga and Enneagram

"I help my clients discover their own potential and know how to maintain a good quality of life for themselves and those around them. What job could be more gratifying?"

Wanderlust Weekly: Congrats on the growth of Yosuda Yoga! What inspired its creation? Kessuda: I created Yosuda Yoga from my desire to help people who are struggling, stressed, coping with pain or suffering, to discover the path to their own liberation. To share and guide people tools and techniques that will help them to believe that each of us have the potential for dealing with pain, to live peacefully and gently with difficulties, to find balance, to take care of ourselves -- both mind and body -- and to live happy and healthy. 

Wanderlust Weekly: You've built a strong community following in Philadelphia, what are some of your proudest moments? Kessuda: I love to celebrate the successes of my clients! - One of my clients was dealing with anger issues that were affecting her physically -- high blood pressure, chest pain, digestion problems, etc. At the beginning of our work together she broke up with her husband and wanted to get revenge. Following counseling with me, she was eventually able to get in touch with herself: to know and understand her anger, to recognize the patterns of thought that caused her emotions and to understand the impact her emotions have on her body and most importantly, learn how to to deal with her emotions in a way. She now practices mindfulness daily and has learned how to take care of herself better using other tools that I offer including Enneagram, yoga, NVC (NonViolent Communication) and MBSR and (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction). She is learning to be more compassionate and understanding with her ex-husband and they have returned to being friends. We have been meeting every week for two years now. At the moment she is sharing these tools with her family and friends to manage some stress and to find peaceful moments from her own practice. In another case, I worked with a woman who had been living with fear and depression after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She had tried many strategies for healing but she eventually came to me and learned to practice mindfulness yoga therapy and Enneagram. Her natural inclination was to deal with problems by demanding strength from herself and others. But she gradually learned how to slow down, be more gentle and take good care of herself. She worked with me for four years and has transformed so much that now she is the author of the book Today is the Gift of Life. In her book, she describes her experience working with me and how it helped her to get in touch with her body and mind and learn how to take care of herself. These days, she coaches families in how to care for the dying and runs a workshop for medical students. Change can occur - sometimes with just a single session. Recently, a client had come to me who had difficulty walking after spending several days in bed due to lower back pain. She was just barely able to walk. After we finished one session of restorative yoga, she was walking more freely, smiling and felt so light on her feet! She reported later that she had lasting relief. She now maintains her health improvement through a few simple yoga moves to practice mindfully. In fact, almost every day brings me moments of joy! Whether simply hearing a client tell me that their need has been met, seeing the relief on their face or seeing the moment when they recognize that they have found liberation and transformation through having a better relationship with themselves and others, being released from physical pain, long-term anxiety, conflict, grief or anger. I help my clients discover their own potential and know how to maintain a good quality of life for themselves and those around them. What job could be more gratifying? I am proud of each of these moments and particularly my clients when I see them adopting these practices and benefiting from them. Check here for a deeper reflection on this

Wanderlust Weekly: We wish you continued success in 2017, what upcoming news or developments can we look forward to? Kessuda: Upcoming programs: 1. I am currently offering the opportunity for potential clients to discover their hidden wisdom with a 1-hour “Enneagram Personality Interview”. It’s available online or in person for a limited time at only $20! 2. Coming soon: a Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Introductory free event. Each event is limited up to five (5) participants and will take place every other Sunday night from 7 -8 pm beginning April 2 thru May 28 3. Special event for the week of Mother’s Day: relief from back pain and stress with a special price of $30 for a 1 hour and 30 minute session. For more information on these upcoming program, please email me at yosudabliss@gmail.com.  [ learn more ]